Tying your belt:

There is more than one way to tie your belt, but the following one should keep it simple. Start with a length of belt of about six to eight inches from the left end and place it on the waist. Wrap the belt around the waist twice. Adjust the belt sideways so that you end up with the same length remaining on both ends. Tuck the right end under the belt and adjust it again. Cross both ends together and fold the bottom one through the loop, then pull both ends tight. Make sure the knot is tight to avoid the belt coming loose during class.

Belt Tips:

The tips enable the instructors to quickly and accurately measure the student's progress so they can concentrate on areas of greater need. It motivates students to set and achieve smaller goals within their current belt level, helping them increase their confidence and self-esteem.

In Martial Arts a Belt symbolizes the student's efforts, and each Belt represents a purposeful goal. Setting and achieving goals builds confidence in oneself. New students begin wearing a White Belt, then progress through the color Belts in the following order: 

WhiteYellowOrangeGreenBlue -

PurpleBrownRedHigh RedBlack.

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          Black Tips - indicate which phase the student is at.

          Yellow Tips - are for forms.

          Green Tips - are for self-defense.

          Blue Tips - are for combinations.

          Red Tips - are for High Honor Roll.

          White Tips - are for class achievement.

The student must have the first black tip before he/she may earn the first phase tips. The second back tip allows for the second phase tips to be earned. In order to be eligible for testing, the student must have received all the tips. Each belt has its own set of requirements.